KGP founder: Andre Koppert

He was born in the Westland area, where mostly all greenhouses in Holland are situated. Starting his work in the greenhouses with helping in growing all kind of vegetables and flowers. When Andre was 16, he started to work in building greenhouses in his family company. From the year 1990 began his carrier as greenhouse export sales manager to Germany, China, Mongolia and Poland, and slowly other countries as Russia and more east Europian countries, as also as an owner of Dutch company KGP b.v. From the year 1999 he established own business in Poland together with his partner, to be more close to clients as also became the director of this new company.

2006 year was a fateful moment in the history of Polish company – name DS was changed into KGP – Koppert Greenhouse Projects. That means also the beginning of new family company. This was done because Andre’s children are also a part of it. Marcel and Berry are working in father’s business from the early beginning till now – growing their knowledge and carriers. Joyce joined the company 2017. From the year 2017 Marcel Koppert is General Manager of Polish company KGP Greenhouses.

KGP and Gakon

In the year 2013 began strategic cooperation between KGP Greenhouses and Gakon Horticultural Projects, based in Wateringen, providing Andre Koppert of becoming main shareholder and Director of the Dutch company. Gakon has been active in the greenhouse horticulture sector for more than sixty 67 years. Gakon produces steel and aluminium and greenhouse heating and water systems at its own site in factory in Wateringen and De Lier. These products are primarily used in horticultural greenhouses, business spaces, and garden centers. In close cooperation with Gakon team – KGP Greenhouses is projecting, constructing and selling greenhouses throughout the world, providing customized solutions for individual projects of growers and investors in different countries.

Gakon is producing greenhouses to high quality standards for many years. Confirmation of this are quality certificates such as:

  • HortiQ ® product/process-certificate as confirmation that design and construction of greenhouses and design and construct of heating in greenhouses is performed in accordance with the BRL, provided that the contract with the customer includes that the work will be done in accordance with this product/process-certificate.
  • CE Certificate of conformity of the factory production control

History of Gakon