A proven partner in greenhouse horticulture

KGP Greenhouses is a global greenhouse projecting and construction company. Together with Gakon, KGP designs, produces and supply complete modern greenhouse complexes. Steel and aluminium production is going from our factory Gakon in the Netherlands. KGP Greenhouses has global experience in turn-key greenhouse projects, sales, and installation for the horticultural sector. KGP with subsidiaries and partners in Poland, Russia, Romania, Ukraine, Mexico, Uzbekistan and other countries provides a fresh and innovative approach to the implementation of modern greenhouse technology taking into account local circumstances.

As experts in Horticultural Projects design, supply and engineering – KGP and Gakon are involved in every stage upon client selection of needed systems and services from implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support. We design, produce, and build complete greenhouses ourselves, characterized by a high level of innovation. This has us to produce the world’s first floating greenhouse and the energy-producing ZonWindKas greenhouse. We have over 67 years of experience in marketing and installing greenhouses, heating installations, screening and turn-key projects. Throughout that time, we have proven ourselves to be an indispensable partner for growers.

Developments within KGP

Not only greenhouse products and ideas have been evolved over the past 60 years, there has been rejuvenation within the firm itself. KGP Greenhouses has grown from export company to leading international designer, producer and supplier of horticultural solutions on global market. The founder of KGP, Andre Koppert, became an owner of leading Dutch construction factory Gakon, that has been active in the greenhouse horticulture sector for more than 67 years. A lot has changed and been rejuvenated enormously over all those years, but much remains the same. All the time we take care very much on quality of our products and services as also final result and opinion about our work. With our enthusiasm, drive, and eye on market demand, we will continue to grow and renew!

Our core values

The whole team at Gakon Horticultural Projects places huge value on these attributes and applies them to everything we do in our day-to-day business.

creative – innovative – analytical

taking action – thinking ahead – taking initiative

yield-focused – reliable – responsible

loyal – respectful – trustworthy

flawless – sustainable – knowledgeable

Vision & Mission

The continual trends of increasing population, urbanization, diminishing water supply, and continuing climate changes provide to the situation where meeting the increased demand of accessible vegetable production is a major challenge for agricultural producers. We at KGP Greenhouses and Gakon are understanding the role of food science and technology. In our job and ideas we combine the latest proven horticulture technologies and the greenhouses in one product. Each project is unique, as the experience has learned us, so our vision is to deliver the best possible facilities in a perfect alignment with the client, from the start to completion of every project we are involved.

KGP and Gakon in images