Water technology and drip irrigation

In the modern horticultural sector a precise irrigation installation is indispensable. Every crop demands another composition and quantity of water to reach a sufficient increase. The engineers of KGP do develop and assemble irrigation installations for every kind of growing methods worldwide. It concerns calculated installations which are company-certain as costs saving. KGP has all the necessary knowledge and years-long experience in the field of water technology. Whether for water storage, transport, or treatment – KGP Greenhouses specialists will use all the knowledge and expertise to design and provide these installations under one roof and propose the best solution for your crop.

Analysis & treatment

Analysis and treatment for a better basis for your irrigation.


  • Reverse osmosis
  • UV decontamination
  • Heating


Good irrigation forms the basis for healthy cultivation.


  • Drip irrigation
  • Sprinklers
  • Ebb & flood

Moisture & cooling

Moisture and cooling is vital to maintain the right climate.


  • Low pressure mist
  • High pressure mist
  • Pad & fan
  • Roof sprinklers


Proper assembly is a guarantee for sustainability.


  • Panels
  • Units


Monitoring and controlling to maintain the right climate.


  • Priva